• "Quantum Life Transformation!
    Past-Present-Future!!!" +
    "Vision Board"

    by Thalia Alexiou

  • "Natural Sex in Old Age"

    by Dr. Helene Leonetti


    by Thalia Alexiou

Quantum Life Transformation!
Past ‐ Present ‐ Future!

By participating in this session you will see HUGE changes in your Life and your World! By Awaking the Mind to Seek out you answers and using the unique advanced QUANTUM technique and MEDITATIONS, To accomplish Things beyond your Imagination! By meeting your EDITORIAL part of MIND and connect to the creative side of yourself to achieve the Results you Desire! Because YOU ARE WORTHY AND YOU DESERVE IT!

The "ΘΠ - Life Transformation Center" is organizing seminars in Greece, such as:
• "Quantum Life Transformation - Past, Present, Future" - with instructor Thalia Alexiou
• "Vision Board" - with instructor Thalia Alexiou
• "The Law of Attraction" - with instructor Thalia Alexiou
• "Natural Sex in Old Age & Relationships" - with instructors Thalia Alexiou & Dr Helene Leonetti
• "Small steps to complete the big picture of the Life you wish!" - with instructor Thalia Alexiou
• "Smart Office" - with instructor Petra Terzi
• "Gratitude = Increase & Mala = Blessings" - with instructor Thalia Alexiou
• "The 3 M s: Master, Mind, Mnimi" - with instructors Thalia Alexiou & Dr Helene Leonetti

Υοu will have the opportunity to Learn and Practice in your EVERYDAY LIFE the ALTERNATE UNIVERSES, to Create ALTERNATE REALITIES by connecting with your Twin Soul. (Scientific Community, 1954).

You DESERVE to Discover and Receive Unexpected COSMIC GIFTS by learning the special technique of GRATITUDE that I have practiced for the past 28 years and seen so many people transforming their lives! (Influenced by Aristotle’s teaching).

The extraordinary seminars will be taught by the Master Reiki Teacher and Holistic Healer Thalia Alexiou and other energy experts. Thalia has been practicing holistic medicine for 28 years, while she is teaching Transcendental Meditation for 38 years!
The participation cost in similar seminars in USA is over 2.000$.
Great seminars are held in Athens about how to radiate and succeed in life through quantum meditation and geopathic energy!
How to heal and have Harmony of Mind, Body and Spirit.


is about teaching the general and the personal geopathical vibrations followed by meditations to erase any obstacle comes in the way for stopping you have it ALL!
✓ More Health
✓ More Love
✓ Unlimited successes
✓ Unlimited Wealth and ABUNDANCE in all areas
✓ Youth
✓ Discover and receive unexpected Cosmic Gifts
✓ A Miraculous Life every day!

Family - Children

- How your children will increase their academic studies and the family tights by enhance the West and the East in your home environment and why it is important for the future.

Perfect mate

- How you will find your perfect mate or enhance the relationship you may have now by increasing the highest vibration in you, in your home by energizing the South West area and your personal relationship area (it will be given to you in the seminar).


- How to enhance unlimited wealth, a job you love by energizing a direction in your living environment and what to do.

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The seminar will be held in English with simultaneous translation in Greek


Τhe seminars and other activities of Thalia Alexiou strengthen the digitization program to enrich the libraries for the blind and the purchase of Guide Dogs for blind and disable persons in Greece and abroad.

Information - Registration:
Tel+Fax: +30 2741060122
Mobile: +30 6972080441
Email: thetapetra111@gmail.com

The Quantum technique

The Quantum technique is about loving yourself enough by accepting yourself for who you are and have it ALL, whatever sex or gender you are.

"Perfect fulfillment is possible!"

Thalia`s Philosophy is rooted in Christianity, Buddhism, Ancient Greek Philosophy and universal wisdom taught by contemporary masters. Thalia has been practicing holistic medicine for 28 years, while she is teaching Transcendental Meditation for 38 years! Thalia’s techniques, which include Reiki and other energy therapies, meditation, movement and spiritual counseling, help heal the root causes of discomfort, disease and dissatisfaction. Thalia is a Reiki Master and a Feng Shui Master. She is also a life and image coach. To learn more about how Thalia works to help clients achieve maximum health, happiness, success and love, contact us in order to inform you about her future seminars and the possibility of a personal session with her.


We will see you in the seminar in Athens!

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